Penelope Quinn

Penelope Quinn

Hi! I’m Penelope Quinn and I’m a freelance journalist, TV presenter, craft addict and upcycling fanatic currently living in East London.

I’m passionate about reaching out to the a new generation of thrifty, resourceful crafters and constantly on the hunt for fashion and beauty inspired ‘crafty life hacks’. I love to create beautiful, practical pieces that are kind to the wallet and the earth, without sacrificing style.


I also run craft demonstrations and workshops, craft parties for hens and babies showers, and write for a variety of publications including Lifestyle Channel, Style Hunter and Yahoo!7. And when I’m not doing that, you can usually find me at a market, hanging out with my Miss Pinup Australia pinups, crafting dream catchers and making my cat Steve (above) pose for pictures.

If you have an event or product you’d like me to write about, you can contact me at penelope_quinn@y7mail dot com.

Thanks for visiting darnsexysecondhand.com!

Below is a little something I put together with the help of the amazing Matt Tomaszewski  from Triton Productions. 🙂




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  2. sera
    sera at |

    Penny Doll, I just went through the website – its fantastic 🙂 really enjoyed reading it! Want MORE!!!! xxx
    Yey xx

    1. darnsexysecondhand
      darnsexysecondhand at |

      Thanks huney! SOO glad you like it!! x

  3. BJR
    BJR at |

    Penny, I wounder if you may be able to help me. I have found the 1950 pin up girls on ashtrays but can not find plates or any other tablewear. Can you help me if possible?

    1. darnsexysecondhand
      darnsexysecondhand at |

      Hey BJR, sorry for the late reply! I’ve been looking, but haven’t seen any at all! Have you considered buying plain white plates and having them digitally printed on?

  4. roomstogrow
    roomstogrow at |

    Lovely blog. I live in Newtown and as such have a great appreciation for the retro look (Retro-Town is more like it). However, the shops have become quite expensive and I just can’t find the bargains anymore.

  5. darnsexysecondhand
    darnsexysecondhand at |

    I agree roomstogrow! Seems like anything “retro” or vintage comes with a price tag these days – things are only worth what people will pay for them after all! Try antique and op shops in smaller regional towns – fingers crossed you’ll find some undiscovered treasures! Thanks for following xPQ

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